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Hello. We are Rosenxt.

Rosenxt is a forward-thinking technology group — we are visionary architects of progress with 45 years of engineering excellence.

As a privately owned global partner, we look far beyond tomorrow, are committed to the long-term and thus turning opportunities into successful ventures. We are tech enthusiasts through and through, diving deep into the latest technologies. This expertise in various technology fields, such as sensors, autonomous robotic, AI or advanced materials and our strong R&D mindset allows us to develop highly innovative products and services for customers in most challenging environments such as subsea, industrial, renewables, or the integrity of water and energy supply.

Our purpose goes beyond pure business; it's about creating progress and sustainable value — for our customers, our partners, and society at large.

Our Businesses

Industrial & Manufacturing

We provide our knowledge in the inspection of industrial assets to the metal, tube and pipe, railway, aerospace, and automotive industries. Our solutions for industrial non-destructive testing of semi-finished and finished products are part of a holistic service package.

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Water Supply

A safely managed water line infrastructure is the most important prerequisite for the most basic human need: access to safe and reliable drinking water. Water line infrastructure is aging and its integrity is compromised, resulting in water losses. This requires constant attention, and we are prepared to contribute our part to ensure that water line infrastructures meet the growing needs of communities around the world.


Regular monitoring is essential to identify potential issues before they become environmental problems and to ensure the safety, reliability and performance of critical subsea systems. To address this, we are investing in the development of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) for subsea cable and pipeline monitoring.


One of the greatest challenges is the cost-effective production of green electricity in sufficient quantities. Therefore innovations for new technologies are needed and our team of experts strives to contribute our part to a successful energy transition.

Oil Field Optimization

Flow measurement is an essential requirement for monitoring and controlling oil movements through pipelines and facilities. With our industrial device solution for gas, liquid and multiphase applications we contribute to the security of pipelines worldwide.

Certification and Audits

With our Certification and Audit solutions we help to minimize the error rate and protecting data, prevent damage and enhance trust to the business reputation. With a certified management systems, companies benefits in many ways – internally and with the public.

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Whether you're seeking a new challenge or your first job, we offer various roles and career opportunities across our global locations. Join Rosenxt, grow with us daily, and contribute to our collective success.

Check our open job positions in Germany (Lingen, Bremen, Dresden or near Karlsruhe) ,in the Netherlands, in Switzerland, in the US or Vietnam.

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